SJR Saffron

Long among the world’s costliest spices by weight, Saffron has been traded and used for over four millennia. With the next five decades dedicated to ensuring the UAE becomes the world’s leading nation, SJR Saffron effectively serves to provide easy, fast and quality access to a spice that has been historically known for its immense value and heavy demand.

Acquiring its saffron from Iran, each order is placed individually and delivered directly to the company’s valued customers as per each client’s personalized needs. This ensures that SJR Saffron’s customers receive only the highest quality of goods. Delivered primarily to the offices and palaces of Sheikhs in both the KSA and Oman, the quality of SJR Saffron’s esteemed clients are accurately reflected through the premium Saffron that they regularly seek.

SJR Saffron has managed strong and consistent growth by maintaining robust relations with some of the most elite and influential names in the Gulf. With many of the the region’s leaders demonstrating unwavering loyalty and placing frequent orders, SJR Saffron is positioned for excellence and poised to continue its upwards trajectory.


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