Incepted in 2018, SJR General Trading (SJR) is a leading marine solutions provider based in the UAE. Through constant innovation and technological advancements, SJR has grown to become a complete marine service provider – a tag that is well recognized within the marine fraternity. The company supplies its wide range of products and services to ports, harbors, oil & gas operations, and the offshore sector. Operating in the UAE and GCC, SJR has established its business setup by targeting companies that are jointly involved in providing a variety of aids to navigation and spare marine parts to various marine sectors. Through its strategic approach, SJR has developed into one of the fastest growing marine solutions provider in the region. The company’s hands-on involvement in designing and manufacturing of navigation equipment, as per IALA standards, has benefited ports, offshore and more since 2017.



In accordance with iala manufacturing guidelines, SJR has supplied Aids to Navigation equipment to a number of projects for ports, oil & gas sectors, and naval & offshore operation, in addition to a multitude of other equipment.




Chains & Accessories

Navigation LEDs

Marine Batteries

Oil Dispersants





Aids to Navigation

The company provides steel buoys in yellow, green and red. They are deployed for the purpose of assisting in the navigation of vessels, indicating the location of channels and warning of hazards.


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