Incepted in 2018, SJR Group was founded off of the entrepreneurial spirit of a young Emirati woman and her strong belief in UAE Vision 2071. The company emphasizes innovation and a proactive thinking approach – two attributes that it firmly believes will push the future economy forward.


Our Aspiration

Inspired by UAE Vision 2071, SJR Group is a connective organization where employees work harmoniously to inspire one another. Through these deliberate efforts, our clients benefit from a diverse group of individuals who form an unparalleled team of innovative collaborators. No matter what business our clients aspire to conduct, SJR Group’s strongly developed and robust business network, is the foundation on which prosperous operations are achieved. Aligning our efforts with the current and ever-changing cultural landscape, we are able to deliver both effective adoption and deployment, making our products truly accepted by all of our customers.

Our experienced personnel ensures high quality in the products and services we provide at all times – enabling success in the local market, and preparedness to step into a competitive global market – allowing our customers to distinguish themselves and maintain profitability.

Our Vision

To become a leading UAE business conglomerate, that pioneers the innovative economy to achieve strong global positioning.

Our Mission

To inspire and develop the next generation of Emirati innovators, and the greatest talent from across the globe.

Empowered by a strong business network and experts in unique and niche industries




Core Values


Remaining rooted in the present while maintaining a forward-thinking approach, as well as constantly finding ways to improve, prevents complacency and fosters excellence.


Building trust and maintaining confidence through transparent operations and relationships ensures the utmost honesty at all times.


Serving our clients’ needs and measuring customer-satisfaction levels are the basis on which we determine the success of our business.


Success is not an individual accolade, it is a collective effort that requires the union of both persistent and passionate team members.