SJR General Trading

SJR has grown to become a complete marine service provider – a tag that is well recognized within the marine fraternity.

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SJR Advertising

SJR advertising creates only the most premium products and imports its first class quality gift items and materials from international destinations.

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SJ Technology Consultancy

As the fourth industrial revolution is upon us, technology is an essential key for success in today’s business climate.

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SJR Honey

Given that honey has been used in medicine for over 5000 years, this sweet substance is as beneficial to health as it is nutritious.

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SJR Saffron

We effectively serve to provide easy, fast and quality access to a spice that has been historically known for its immense value and heavy demand.

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SJR Stable

With a capable stable spanning many acres, and the ability to accommodate a surplus of horses, SJR Stable strives to ensure that the UAE’s rich heritage continues on

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