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Capt. Sahar Rasti shared her point of view on the most important aspects of establishing the importance of investment in al Al Bayan newspaper

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Capt. Sahar Rasti was part of this year’s edition of BreakbulkMiddleEast as AWIMA collaborates with WISTA and BBME. Women are an important part of the maritime industry, and its important that we do our part to strengthen the infrastructure of our industry.

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Our CEO Capt.Sahar Rasti is featured in today’s Albayan Newspaper among the maritime professionals from both private and government sector addressing the topic of EXPO 2020’s impact on the maritime investment.

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Captain Sahar Rasti- CEO SJR Group, shared her experts’ insight on the changes to the prices of oil and gas after the recent tanker attacks, in Al Khaleej newspaper.

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كابتن سحر راستي لجريدة البيان: بناء القدرات الصناعية الوطنية في القطاعات التخصصية مثل الملاحة يعطي الدولة ميزة تنافسية إضافية على الصعيد الاقتصادي، وهذا واجبنا كقطاع أعمال وطني من أجل الاستعداد لعام الخمسين

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Capt. Sahar Rasti shared her point of view on how the maritime industry in emirates is the best regionally and least affected by Coronavirus, in al Al Bayan newspaper


Tv interview

CEO Capt. Sahar Rasti Exclusive Interview on Abu Dhabi TV  “The Influencers’ Challenges”